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Urgent jobs in delhi for freshers 10th pass

Finding urgent jobs in Delhi for freshers with a 10th-grade qualification may require exploring various industries and roles. Here are some job options to consider:

  1. Delivery Jobs: Many food delivery services and courier companies hire delivery executives who are 10th pass. You can work as a delivery person for companies like Swiggy, Zomato, Amazon, or Flipkart.
  2. Data Entry Operator: Data entry roles are often suitable for freshers with basic computer skills. Look for openings in offices, data processing centers, or online job portals.
  3. Retail Sales: Retail stores, supermarkets, and malls frequently hire sales associates or cashier positions for freshers. This can be a good starting point to gain customer service experience.
  4. Security Guard: Some security companies hire security guards with a 10th-grade education. You may need to undergo specific training and certification.
  5. Housekeeping Staff: Hotels, hospitals, and other institutions hire housekeeping staff, including room attendants and cleaning personnel.
  6. Office Boy/Peon: Many offices hire office boys or peons to handle basic tasks like filing, photocopying, and courier services.
  7. Telemarketing/Telecaller: Call centers and telemarketing companies often hire freshers for telecalling and customer service roles.
  8. Driver: If you have a valid driver’s license, you can consider driving jobs, such as cab driving or delivery services.
  9. Construction Laborer: The construction industry may have openings for laborers and helpers with a 10th-grade education. These jobs often involve physical labor.
  10. Apprenticeships: Explore apprenticeship programs in various trades such as electrician, plumber, or mechanic. These programs provide on-the-job training.
  11. Event Support Staff: Event management companies often hire support staff for events, which may include setting up, ushering, or providing assistance during events.
  12. Government Jobs: Keep an eye on government job notifications for positions that require a 10th-grade qualification. Check the websites of government departments and employment newspapers.
  13. Freelancing: Consider freelancing opportunities such as content writing, graphic design, or data entry through online platforms like Upwork and Freelancer.
  14. Startup Jobs: Some startups may hire freshers for roles in operations, customer support, or sales. Check job portals and startup job boards.

When searching for these jobs, be sure to create a well-structured resume highlighting your skills and any relevant experience. Networking with friends, family, and local contacts can also help you discover job opportunities. Additionally, visit local employment exchanges, job fairs, and government career centers in Delhi to explore immediate job openings.

Remember to research the job market regularly, as opportunities can change frequently, and new openings may arise.

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