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Ladli Bahana Yojana 2023

Are you aware of Ladli Bahana Yojana 2023? This scheme is making waves in India for all the right reasons. A welfare program launched by the government, it aims to empower girls and provide financial assistance to their families. In this blog post, we will delve into what makes Ladli Bahana Yojana 2023 unique and how it can benefit your family. So, brace yourselves as we unravel everything about this fantastic initiative!

What is Ladli Bahana Yojana?

The Ladli Bahana Yojana is a scheme launched by the Indian government in 2007 aimed at discouraging the practice of dowry. Under the scheme, families who do not give or accept dowry are given financial assistance to help offset wedding expenses. The goal of the Ladli Bahana Yojana is to create a more equal society by helping to end the discrimination against women that is often seen in India.

What are the benefits of Ladli Bahana Yojana?

Ladli Bahana Yojana is a government scheme that was launched in 2007 with an aim to provide financial assistance to girl child parents for their daughters’ marriage. The scheme is operational in all states and union territories of India. Under the scheme, a girl child’s parents are given a lump sum amount of Rs.1,00,000 at the time of her marriage. The money can be used by the parents for any purpose related to the daughter’s marriage, such as purchasing new clothes, jewellery, paying for catering services, or making any other expenditure.

The Ladli Bahana Yojana has several benefits for both the girl child and her parents. Firstly, it gives financial support to the parents at the time of their daughter’s marriage. Secondly, it helps in reducing the burden on the parents, as they do not have to arrange for all the expenses from their own pockets. Thirdly, it ensures that the girl child gets married without any delay, as her parents do not have to wait for their financial condition to improve before arranging her marriage. Fourthly, it helps in empowering the girl child by giving her a sense of security and independence. Fifthly, it helps in promoting social inclusion, as it provides financial assistance to those families who belong to economically weaker sections of society.

How to apply for Ladli Bahana Yojana?

1. How to apply for Ladli Bahana Yojana?

The first step is to visit the official website of the scheme at ____________.

On the homepage, you will find a link for the application form under the heading “Application Form”. Click on this link and the form will open in a new window.

Read all the instructions carefully before filling out the form. Make sure that you fill out all the required fields correctly and do not leave any field blank. Once you have completed filling out the form, click on the submit button.

Your application will be processed and if you are found eligible, you will be notified about it through an official letter from the government.


The Ladli Bahana Yojana 2023 is a social welfare scheme launched by the government that is designed to provide economic and educational support to girls from lower-income families. This scheme aims to empower young women from these backgrounds so that they can make better life decisions for themselves and their families in the future. We are confident that this initiative will help reduce gender inequality as well as enhance financial stability among India’s lower-income households, ultimately leading to an improved quality of life for all.

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