5 Reasons Customers Don't Come Back

The goal of any business is to attract and keep customers. A discussed in my previous article your customer service attitude goes a long way in determining your outcome. Face it; you want your customers to come back. So why don’t they come back? Here are some of the reasons. Some things you can control and some things you can’t. That’s just the way it is. There are 5 reasons customers don’t come back. Some you can control and some you can’t. Please pay close attention to the issues you can control. I want you to focus only on the issues you can control. It’s much more fun that way.

Approximately 1% of your customers will not return or refer others because they will die. Unless you’re in a funeral related business, this is not good news for you. We’re all going to die and if you live every day of your life as if it were the last one two things will happen. You’ll have more fun and one day you’ll be right. This is a customer service issue over which you have no control.

 Roughly 3% of your customers will move away and unless you own a national corporation or franchise chances are, they’ll shop somewhere else. Unless of course it’s your wife’s hair stylist as that is always, as we all know, an exception to the rule. You may be persuasive but reality dictates that you have no control over your customer’s decision to re-locate.

 About 5% develop other friendships. You may be the best realtor in town but if your customer marries another realtor your luck has run out. On the other hand if that same customer still works with you chances are they married a lousy realtor. Family, friendships and other kinds of relationships can cause you to lose a customer through absolutely no fault of your own. There is considerable truth in the expression that ‘blood is thicker than water’. From a customer retention perspective this is another issue, over which you have no control.

 Approximately 14% of your customers will leave because they are dissatisfied with the product. This is particularly challenging when selling or servicing singular products.  The reality is some products and services are a better fit for some customers than others. That’s just the way that it is. Once again you have little control over this outcome.

 Here’s the iceberg, the silent killer of your business. This is the single biggest reason why customers don’t come back. Often you don’t even know it’s happened. Unfortunately it’s systemic in our service culture and it’s why service sucks. Around 68% of your customers don’t come back because they perceive an attitude of indifference from you, or someone in your organization. Almost three quarters of your customers we’re talking about and the good news is you can do something about it.

 Yes it is true that indifference is the natural enemy of any service driven business. To understand service you want to understand indifference. For example many people believe that the opposite of love is hate. That’s not true. The opposite of love is not hate; the opposite of love is indifference. Most of us have experienced the sting of indifference at some point in our lives. You know how it goes. You meet that special person and you know this is the one. You can feel it and you tell them so. They look you in the eyes and tell you that you’re the only one and they can’t imagine life without you. Do you know that look?

 Then one day, sometimes over night, that same person is indifferent to your very existence. You go from hero to zero in a moment. Suddenly it seems that person doesn’t care anymore making you wonder, if they ever did. In terms of customer service our fast paced economy has added fuel to the fire of indifference. It’s much easier to take customers for granted, when they are lining up to buy your products or services.

 In addition short term thinking and instant gratification is part of our culture. In North America the whole world turns in thirty days. The jeweller who sold you a piece of crap at outrageous margin doesn’t consider all the future purchases you’ll make. I’ve got a real life story about this experience I’ll relay later. The realtor who sells your house forgets that you will sell and buy many more. The car salesperson who sold you your car forgets that you’ll buy many cars in your lifetime.

 When customers come back it’s a great thing but how about those referrals? There are so many advantages when one of your customers refers someone else to you. In these challenging times referred customers are the key to your success. The trust by association you benefit from translates into shorter sales cycles, less objections, stalls and resistance to price as well as service points. In addition because there is less tension they are a lot more fun to work with. In these economic times client growth and retention is important. In today’s environment keeping a close eye on your cost of sales is important. It takes five times more money to attract a new customer, than it does to keep an old one. I hope you enjoyed this article on the 5 reasons customers don’t come back. Always remember that your attitude about customer service is in your control.

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Top 10 Places to Start a Business

When you are thinking about doing business in America today places like Detroit and New York City are no longer in the running. These cities are now suffering from some major players losing in the financial world causing others to go some place else to start a business. Fertile ground for new business is in some of the most unexpected places. The metro areas and the coasts are now giving way to the popular Midwest and South where fast expansion is underway. The economies in these areas are growing rapidly as business expansion is booming. Atlanta, Georgia seems to be the Mecca for people all over the state to come and open up a business. The overseas auto makers are opening up new waves of prosperity for the residents who are taking advantage of the situation. The workers claim that they do not want a union and are willing to work for less and have employment. There is a large increase in the smaller business around the area which is adding to the economy in an enormous fashion. The cities of various sizes that are around Florida are showing a great increase in business.

The Midwest and South long overdue for business expansion is now coming it their own right with the failures of the “Big Three” automakers and other major companies from the east coast not being able to maintain them. The spoilage that these companies permitted amongst their executives has become the downfall that will only take a turn for the better if the company takes hold of the reigns and changes how business is done. Bailouts are not the solution many financial analysis claim because it is only a bandage. These companies are beginning to bleed heavily from over spending on employee perks and unnecessary equipment. The end result could prove to be a catastrophe for the companies, the economy, and the world if let go unattended. We have large, medium and small cities that still provide great places for business and right now the following rank in the top ten best cities.

1. Atlanta is the leading large city it epitomizes the characteristics of economic diversity and affordability.

2. Riverside-San Bernardino ranks number two with a population of over three million people east of Los Angeles and known as the Inland Empire.

3. Las Vegas is now creating jobs in manufacturing so that tourism is not their only source of income.

4. San Antonio benefits from a strong military presence and a steady population growth.

5. West Palm Beach known for the perceived high quality of life makes it an irresistible lure.

6. Green Bay one of the medium sized cities provides a diversified economy with a hard working, skilled labor force.

7. Madison known for its one-two punch in midsize cities is recognized for the service-driven economic expansion.

8. Sarasota is an affordable coastal region that attracts many skilled immigrants from the north making this one of the fastest growing information-based industrial part of the region.

9. Missoula, Montana provides solid gain in financial and professional business services making it a great place to settle for newcomers. Missoula ranking in as one of the smaller places to live boasts of its beautiful scenery which takes it a long way for anyone looking for a small town to live.

10. Anchorage, Alaska has more than tripled in newcomers and business growth since the oil industry has created employment and made a large boost to the economy for local residents.

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7 Reasons Why You Should Hire an Accountant For Your Business

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The first reason is by far the most important, the fact is that many businesses run into financial and operational funding issues due to lack of proper accounting practices. A business accountant can help to alleviate these issues long before they even begin, which is why they play such an important part in the financial health and longevity of any business.

2. An accountants job is to make sure that all financial statements comply with the governing regulatory bodies such as AAS. The putting together of financial statements follows a number of accounting standards which are accepted Australia-wide. A business accountant makes sure that high standards are adhered to while proper preparing of financial accounts is completed. This makes certaing that the numbers are accurate and correct.

3. Managing of financial resources is the responsibility of an accountant as is have systems in place to make sure all spending is monitored and controlled. The main task of these finance systems is to keep a watchful eye on spending habits and to prevent any misuse or unlawful use of funds.

4. Whether we like it or not Business tax is a necessary evil in any business and as such is better off being handled by a business tax expert. Through proper tax planning businesses can plan for the future which makes sure that the business stays in a good financial position regardless of expenditures.

5. The filing of tax returns can also be done in the correct time frame resulting in avoidance of penalties and other late payment fees which might prove costly to the business. Proper tax accounting can also prevent money from being tied-up in the form of tax refunds to the business since the correct amounts will be paid.

6. An accountant will save you a great deal of time by setting things up correctly in the first place and making sure the financials of your business run smoothly. In essence this helps to free up time in the business so that more energy can be put towards business growth.

7. Business Accountants also work on forecasting the businesses financial needs into the future and then developing a plan of spending that makes sure you arrive there in good financial shape.

The bottom line is that if you really want to make sure that your business revenues, tax and development is being taken care of properly then having a business accountant take care of that for you is really a no-brainer. The only question is, “Why wouldn’t you hire one?”

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Budget Suites Las Vegas – The Perfect Blend of Apartment Style and Hotel Living

There a literally hundreds of options when trying to decide upon the proper hotel arrangements when visiting a city such as Las Vegas Nevada that caters to millions of visitors and tourists annually; however, the Budget Suites Las Vegas offers a unique combination of typical hotel amenities and conveniences and long term apartment style living. Founded on the basis of trying to make it easier for individuals, be it for business or pleasure, to stay in a place long term for an affordable price without the associated hassles and strings of renting a dwelling, the Las Vegas facilities have become a popular place for those individuals who, for whatever reason, choose to stay in the city for an extended time. Available features which heighten the lodging experience include beautiful pool and fitness facilities, fully furnished suites, the inclusion of all utilities in the price of the suite, a full sized kitchen complete with dish washer, full sized refrigerator, stove, and microwave, onsite covered parking, onsite security, full property management, and available private offices with high speed internet access.

When coming to Las Vegas for an extended amount of time, your dwelling options can be limited. Pursuing a typical rental property can be complicated and expensive with the necessity of signing rental agreements and the payment of security deposits. However, traditional hotels oftentimes do not offer special discounted rates for long term residents. Therefore, staying a hotel room can be expensive because you are paying on a per night basis. Staying in a traditional hotel room can also be uncomfortable for the long term guest as the amenities are usually limited in scope. You may not have a separate kitchen or even a refrigerator, internet access could be limited, and the size of the room is for from adequate for most long term clients.

For this reason the Budget Suites Las Vegas decided to market their attractive set of characteristics to the individual who is seeking for a longer term visit than the typical tourist or businessman or woman. The most attractive feature of this situation is the inclusion of all utilities in the cost of the suite. There are no rental agreements or other contracts to sign. Therefore, a customer can decide to leave if his or her situation changes without worrying about costly penalties. The rooms also come fully furnished with a full sized kitchen with full sized appliances. Thus, the atmosphere of the room is similar to an apartment as opposed to a hotel room. This also means that the guests can travel light since everything they need is already in the suite.

Finally, while the guest can enjoy the feeling of living in an apartment, they can also enjoy the associated amenities of being in a hotel. Every Budget Suite Las Vegas offers attractive poolside settings with fitness rooms and heated spas. Friendly staff can direct you to popular restaurants, casinos, shows, or other attractions and can even offer discounts to some of the most popular Las Vegas attractions.

Therefore, this hotel chain offers the perfect blend of long term stays with the comfort and features of a traditional Las Vegas hotel.

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The Shows Of Las Vegas

Known predominantly for its myriad casinos, Nevada’s glistening Las Vegas is a great adult playground. As well as the gambling, the city has much to offer visitors in the way of fine dining, warm weather and a great variety of shows.

While previously the only shows put on featured Vegas showgirls, this slowly branched out to include magicians and now all sorts of entertainers are on display with many top names in various fields including Las Vegas on their touring schedules.

Cirque du Soleil has become a household name and many people actually travel to Vegas just to see their shows, completely ignoring the glitzy casinos. Cirque du Soleil has a mixture of temporary and permanent shows mixing street entertainment and circus acts, giving audiences much to choose from. Some of the permanent shows include O (a show using synchronised swimmers), Love (a show set to songs by The Beatles) and Zumanity (a cabaret act for adults only). Of all the organisations in Las Vegas, Cirque du Soleil has the most shows on offer.

Not all the entertainment is geared towards adults, either. Many shows on their way to Broadway first enjoy a run in Las Vegas to warm up the actors and test different lines to ensure the New York audiences are getting the best possible version. Two of the biggest sellers in recent history have been Phantom of the Opera and The Lion King.

Some performers – mainly singers – will stay in Vegas for a prolonged time meaning they can perform to sold out audiences every day without having to go on tour. Some of these will stay on the bill for months, while others for years. Big names that have done this include Cher, Celine Dion and Bette Midler, meaning that if you want to see a star performance you’re very likely to find one there. As well as singers, many famous magicians take to city to show off their new tricks. Many will hold their shows in casinos – with cards aplenty and numerous people to dazzle – as an extra draw to some of the famous gambling establishments.

Of course Las Vegas wouldn’t be the city it is without showgirls. Many Vegas hotels hire them to draw in tourists while almost all casinos will have showgirls or showgirl themed uniforms for their waitresses.

If these entertainment opportunities aren’t what you have in mind, there is of course the world-famous Las Vegas strip with gigantic casinos where you can sit at the poker table, the roulette wheel or the slot machines and dream of striking it lucky.

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Vacation Packages To Las Vegas Help Encourage Tourism

The bright lights and the loud sounds of the Strip has always drawn tourists and those seeking excitement and adventure to the state of Nevada; however, there several factors that may discourage tourists from ever visiting which necessitates the availability of vacation packages to Las Vegas. These discouraging factors include the climate of area, the location of the city and limited transportation to the city, and the expenses associated with such travel. Added to these rather tangible factors is the overall impression that Las Vegas, due to its glamour and glitz, might be too much for the average tourist. The city is, in essence, too intimidating. Vacation packages make it much easier for the average tourist, thereby making a trip more affordable and less intimidating.

Many visitors do not realize until they step off of the plane, or out of the air conditioned bus that Las Vegas is located in the middle of one of the hottest deserts in the continental United States. Temperatures average almost ninety degrees Fahrenheit and reach well above one hundred degrees in the heat of the summer sun. Why such a city is located in such an inhospitable place is anyone’s guess. However, due to the legalization of gambling, people flock to this desert by the millions. Despite all of these visitors, though, the hotels and other attractions still see room for improvement. Therefore they put together packages that will bring tourists to the casinos, even in the hottest months, by discounting lodgings, food, and entertainment.

Until recently getting to Las Vegas has been a difficult process. Planes into their airport were few and tickets were expensive. Buses provided a regular route from large cities that lay within a few hundred miles of the Strip, but these long trips often through long, dry deserts and over treacherous mountain ranges. Even today traveling to the city of Las Vegas is uncomfortable, if not has difficult. Therefore, hotels and other attractions have put together packages that oftentimes include a method of transportation into the city. This helps to eliminate the excuse of finding access to the remote desert from a potential tourist’s list of excuses for skipping the weekend in a casino.

All of the preceding factors are tangible – the heat, the climate, and the location. However, there is a much less tangible reason that many individuals might never make a trip to this wonderful city. This reason is the sense that Las Vegas, with its twenty-four hour a day lifestyle, its celebrities, its bright lights and spectacular shows, might be too much for the average person. Simply walking down the Strip for many people can be overwhelming and even a little scary. Many potential tourists are simply to overwhelmed to even consider a trip to the city. With the creation and promotion of vacation packages to Las Vegas, the trip becomes much less intimidation because all of the details (transportation, room booking, and the entertainment) are typically included. Therefore all an individual needs to do is to decide which package is right for them.

In this way a vacation package can further increase tourism to Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Bed Bugs And Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada is one place known for great lights and entertainment venues. The most advanced and popular casinos are in there and people from all countries get there to play games. Las Vegas can be a very good place to tour around. Tourists and vacationists abound the destination.There are more casinos than hotels in Las Vegas. It is the gambling capital of the world. Yet, the hotels are sufficient and enough to host the numerous visitors that city always have.

Hotels in Las Vegas, surprisingly, have other transients other than the tourist guests. Yes, there are bed bugs incidences reported even in Las Vegas where bright lights are so stunning. Las Vegas might not be a different place because of the reported cases of bed bugs. That makes it one with other states and other territories and countries even in the Third World.

Bed bugs in Las Vegas. Bed bugs are among the most persistent and pests in Las Vegas. Because they are so tiny, and they have the uncanny ability to get through small cracks and crevices, it is impossible to get rid of them using physical means like scrubbing surfaces or applying insecticides. Thus, treating bed bug infestation in Las Vegas should not take risks. Las Vegas home owners should seek help from the professionals who know what they are doing more than they do when it comes to treating or controlling bed bugs.

Bed bug bites and diseases. Health organizations from around the globe and even the local Las Vegas health authorities will attest that bed bugs do not spread out any plague or disease. Although, when bed bugs bite, they leave saliva under the skin of their host, bed bugs do not cause or transfer any disease. Surely, that separates bed bugs from other blood-sucking insects that transfer malaria, dengue, elephantiasis and a host of other illnesses.

However, bed bug bites do irritate skin and leave itchy and uncomfortable marks. Sometimes, bed bug bites may look like mosquito or bites of other insects. Hence, bed bugs may not pose serious health hazards. But the itchiness and irritation bed bugs’ bites will cause your body is enough reason for you to seek to treat infestation of bed bugs in your home. You may develop blemished skin or may have lot of itch-wounds if bedbugs keep on biting you. Allergic reactions also happen to other bitten people. These allergies can sometimes lead to serious skin situations.

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Loan Modification Attorneys In Nevada Who Is Best

If you are looking for a Las Vegas Loan Modification Attorney, this article will end your search.

Many have asked if you need a professional firm to do your loan modification. The answer in part is no, nothing requires you to hire a third party service to request a loan modification. However, nothing requires you to hire a hair stylist to cut your hair, but if you do it yourself you are probably taking a risk. When asking the lender to cut your interest rate, a professional firm will certainly help you obtain the best possible outcome.

Loan modifications should always benefit both the lender and the borrower. In the past the lender has offered the borrower an improvement in terms, but not a sustainable modification. The borrowers end up back in default and sometimes in a worst position. The key is to know what changes in your loan are needed to keep you in your home for the long term. A short term change or long term change that you are not able to afford will only prolong giving your home back to the bank.

When considering a loan modification you must take into account if the loan was a predatory loan. Many loans do not have the proper disclosure as required by RESPA or TILA. These disclosures have misled the borrower to sign loan documents that do not disclose the truth about the loan. Not knowing all the questions to ask, many have become victim of a predatory loan.

In order to determine if your loan met the entire disclosure requirements, you need an audit of your closing paperwork. In the event the lender did not follow the law, compensation will be requested to indemnify you. This is the start of the process to keep you in your home. Most homeowners are not qualified to determine if there has been a violation of law. This is where hiring a professional service will not only protect your future rights, but help you keep your home. It is you responsibility to seek help and stay in your home.

For more information on loan modification in Las Vegas, Nevada, please visit the links below.

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Title Loans in Las Vegas

Getting a car title loan in Nevada can be a great way to have some extra cash on hand in Las Vegas or Reno.  Whether you need a few hundred dollars or a few thousand, this is one option that you should take into consideration. 

There are a few requirement for obtaining a vehicle title loan, but the process is still easier than the alternatives.  The first requirement, obviously, is that you must have a clear title to your own paid off vehicle.  You must also be eighteen years old and have a verifiable, permanent residence. 
Don’t have a credit history?  And if you do, is it bad?  Well, guess what?  Vehicle title loan lenders usually don’t do credit checks, which makes it easy for borrowers to receive cash almost instantly.

It’s not free cash though.  You’ll need to pay it back—with interest—within a month or so. The fees, rates, and deadline vary amongst lenders.  But if you have a steady flow of income, then you shouldn’t worry too much.  However, if you do fail to pay the lenders back, you could not only lose your car, but high interest fees will continue piling up as well.

Some lenders offer different loan programs that you may be able to qualify for.  The interest rate may depend on which type of loan and program you end up qualifying for.  Call around and ask your local title loan lending companies what all they offer.

While you’re at it, make sure that you do your research on various different lenders.  Find out which ones will be the most up front and honest with you.  Don’t go showing your car title to just anybody.  Make sure that you choose a trustworthy, legitimate company.  Information and reviews can be found online.

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Personal Injury Lawyers in Las Vegas, NV

Christensen Law fights for people who have sustained injuries due to the negligence of another. Personal injury law applies to many different types of injuries. If you or someone you know has been injured in an accident of some kind in Las Vegas, Nevada, it is important to discuss your legal options and your right to compensation with an experienced attorney.

Vehicular accidents can involve car accidents, trucking accidents, pedestrian accidents and accidents caused by drunk drivers. Our personal injury lawyers Las Vegas NV provide comprehensive help to people who have been injured by motorists. We identify the liable parties, stand up for our clients’ rights against the insurance companies and seek fair compensation for their injuries.

Drunk Driver Accident

Drunk driving is an evil that afflicts our society and changes the lives of completely innocent victims. When a drunk driver causes an accident, he or she must be held responsible for his or her negligent actions. The injured person is entitled to seek compensation for injuries and other losses. Additionally, the injured person may be awarded punitive damages. At Christensen Law Offices, we take the occurrence of DUI accidents in Las Vegas very seriously and are passionate about helping people who have sustained severe injury caused by the negligence of drunk drivers.

Were you or was someone you care about injured by a drunk driver in a car accident? An attorney from Christensen Law Offices can help you. Contact our firm today to arrange your complimentary consultation.

Holding drunk drivers accountable for their negligent actions is what Christensen Law Offices can do for your case. People who cause drunk driver accidents must be held accountable for their harmful actions. In Nevada, victims are entitled to pursue punitive damages in addition to personal injury compensation. Our attorneys provide vigorous advocacy to injured people. We work hard to ensure drunk drivers pay for their mistakes.

Victims of drunk driver accidents face a daunting and sometimes devastating road. What was caused by the neglect or illegal action of someone else could cause you a huge financial burden, not to mention a physically and emotionally traumatic recovery. Often, victims of drunk driving accidents are unable to work or care for themselves, which can lead to compounding medical bills and a drained bank account due to missed wages. In the meantime, your everyday bills start stacking up, adding to your stress and impeding your recovery.


At Christensen Law Offices, we believe that you’ve already suffered enough. You shouldn’t be required to pay the hefty price of covering your medical bills and making up for lost wages. Drunk drivers, whose careless actions can devastate their victims and their families, should be required to make repercussions for their actions. Often, drunk driving accidents require not only civil litigation but also criminal charges.

Our attorneys are skilled at investigating these police reports and charges and carefully assessing the circumstances of your accident. There is no detail too small for your drunk driving accident attorney. Christensen Law Offices also represents families of victims killed by drunk drivers in wrongful death suits. While we cannot ease the pain of losing your loved one, we can help make sure that the negligent party is held responsible for his or her actions.

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