Three ways to use macroeconomics

Macroeconomics is the study of the nation’s economy as a whole; it focuses on the issues of inflation (a general rise in prices), unemployment, and economic growth. These issues are regularly discussed on Web sites, in newspapers, and on television. Macroeconomics explains why economies grow and change and why economic growth is sometimes interrupted. Let’s look at three ways we can use macroeconomics.

Using Macroeconomics to Understand Why Economies GrowThe world economy has been growing in recent decades, with per capita income increasing by about 1.5 percent per year. Increases in income translate into a higher standard of living for consumer’s better cars, houses, and clothing and more options for food, entertainment, and travel. People in a growing economy can consume more of all goods and services because the economy has more of the resources needed to produce these products. Macroeconomics explains why resources increase over time and the consequences for our standard of living. Let’s look at a practical question about economic growth.   

Why do some countries grow much faster than others? Between 1960 and 2001, the economic growth rate was 2.2 percent per year in the United States, compared to 2.3 percent in Mexico and 2.7 percent in France. But in some countries, the economy actually shrunk, and per capita income dropped. Among the countries with declining income were Sierra Leone and Haiti. In the fastest-growing countries, citizens save a large fraction of the money they earn. Firms can then borrow the funds saved to purchase machinery and equipment that make their workers more productive. The fastest-growing countries also have well-educated workforces, allowing firms to quickly adopt new technologies that increase worker productivity.

Using Macroeconomics to Understand Economic FluctuationsAll economies, including those that experience a general trend of rising per capital income, are subject to economic fluctuations, including periods when the economy temporarily shrinks. During an economic downturn, some of the economy’s resources natural resources, labor, physical capital, human capital, and entrepreneurship are idle. Some workers are unemployed, and some factories and stores are closed. By contrast, sometimes the economy grows too rapidly, causing prices to rise. Macroeconomics helps us understand why these fluctuations occur why the economy sometimes cools and sometimes overheats and what the government can do to moderate the fluctuations.

Using Macroeconomics to Make Informed Business DecisionsA third reason for studying macroeconomics is to make informed business decisions. The government uses various policies to influence interest rates (the price of borrowing money) and the inflation rate. A manager who intends to borrow money for a new factory or store could use knowledge of macroeconomics to predict the effects of current public policies on interest rates and then decide whether to borrow the money now or later. Similarly, a manager must keep an eye on the inflation rate to help decide how much to charge for the firms products and how much to pay workers. A manager who studies macroeconomics will be better equipped to understand the complexities of interest rates and inflation and how they affect the firm.

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Advantages of Starting an Online Business

More and more people are interested in starting an online business these days. Part of this boom is related to the current economy as more people are downsized, made redundant or their companies go bankrupt but online business is also attracting large numbers of people who just no longer want to work for someone else. People today are starting to realize that there really is no such thing as job security any more and they’re tired of worrying about the future.

One of the advantages of online business is that there are so many options. There are a great variety of business models to choose from and you can easily add multiple streams of income while you build a lasting business. The key to discovering which model would be best suited to you is to evaluate what types of things you are interested in and enjoy doing. After all, what’s the point of starting your own business if you can’t enjoy the process? Figure out what you like to do and I guarantee there’s a way to start an online business within that field.

 Another advantage for many people is the low cost of starting most online businesses. Sure, you can spend thousands to set up a complete e-commerce site and try to compete with the big dogs but the beauty of it is that you don’t have to take this route. Many people have started highly successful online businesses by working part-time around their offline jobs from their kitchen tables. By working steadily on their businesses, they are able to supplement their incomes and eventually replace/exceed their offline incomes.

 Offline businesses are limited by location while online business owners can operate on a global basis with customers from anywhere in the world. With a completely digital business, this global reach does not add one dime to the company’s operating costs. Of course, an online business that deals with physical products would be different but it would still entail lower costs than a comparable offline business.

When considering starting an online business, there are many business models to choose from. You can offer a service if you have skills to offer such as freelance writing or web design. Both of these service areas are in high demand with this burgeoning market. A service business model can be started with no upfront capital if needed but it is more professional to at least have a website set up. You can do this with as little as $7 to register a domain name and $5 a month for hosting costs. What business can you begin offline for such a paltry amount of capital?

Other online business models that you should investigate include affiliate marketing, advertising revenue, blogging, information marketing and website building. The most successful online businesses combine several of these models to create lasting streams of income with diversification. By diversifying your income methods, you never have to worry about having your income disappear due to new technology or trends. If you’re tired of the rat race or worrying about job security, you should investigate the possibilities presented by starting your own online business. 

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Online Business Cost Cutting and Marketing Tips

Due to globalization internet business is becoming more competitive than ever before. Online business owners are finding it hard to survive in the current situation. It has further been compounded by the economic slowdown. In times of crisis, people are usually worried about tomorrow; some are angry and want problems to be fixed fast. In their emotional status, they end up investing in projects that don’t bear fruit.

It then becomes imperative for online business owners to adapt and change their approach to business in order to survive. Apart from just getting things done, it would be important to do things right and not rush. By rushing we may fail not because our business idea is bad but because we do not observe sound business principles carefully. Making money online is no child’s play hence online business needs to be approached tactfully.

This is the time to adjust to new business management systems that suit the current economic times. Since money is scarce it would be advisable at this time to cut down on the cost of advertising. The internet has various free advertising programs. Submit your website to classified advertising sites like and among others. Viral marketing is also another method of free advertising that one can try and save on adverting cost.

Also enroll for free affiliate programs where you don’t have to worry about stocking or offering customer service. The tasks will be carried out by the affiliate manager, in the process you’ll save money and have time to attend to other businesses.

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Christian Online Business Mentor

The online business world can be a difficult place for Christians. There are a several schools of thought in the Christian community when it comes to making money. One school says that the Lord wants you to be rich. Another school says, money is evil don’t try to get ahead. Both of these positions are extreme. Here is an idea; perhaps you can create an income stream used not solely for yourself but for your local assembly or to support missionaries. Network marketing loves the Christian community. Why? Churches have a close association of friends and family that some try to exploit. In order for you to succeed in network marketing you must have people sign up for your business and a church is the perfect place for network marketing recruiting, or is it?

A quality, Christian online business mentor, sponsor, or whatever the title, should really caution you about bringing your business into your church. They would also do well to educate you in the latest secrets in network marketing. The opinion of this author is that your business should not use holy things for marketing. Here are some samples that I have seen, the name have been altered, Make Money With Gospel fill in the blank. I even saw an adwords ad stating God wants you rich. The point in marketing is to market to a niche but, keep it real, please no gold dust or angel wing promises. Sure people in your assembly will find out that you have a business and will be curious. That is the time to talk about your business and help them to understand how it could positively impact their lives.

An excellent online business mentor will know how to market using the modern methods to help you excel in marketing your business. Not being taught how to market online is a sign your business mentor does not know how to market online. You might reconsider or get educated in these techniques yourself to become a leader in your business niche. You will invest time and money to gain the knowledge that will produce results. Most people that start in a network marketing business will not see it through until they are successful. This is why you must have a quality Christian online business mentor.

How do you find such an individual? In a word online. Using the internet you can research any type of business opportunity whether it is an online or an off line. Each type of business has leaders and those will come to the surface. You can do research using video sites, article sites, heck you can even call the real leaders on the phone and they will be there. People that truly want to see lives changed through entrepreneurship can be rewarded very well.

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Methods to Do Online Business Through China Outsourcing in International Trade

Outsourcing, online business is a basic Chinese industry. China’s political and economic system is relatively stable compared to other developing nations such as many countries in Africa, especially in international trade. According to Official Census bureau, Foreign Trade Division, imports from China in 2006 were over $290 Billion dollars; for the first nine months of 2007 imports from China were over $130 Billion dollars. The changed scene is infact due China outsourcing and online business methods. Main risks associated with doing online business with a China outsourcing agency are less as compared to other countries.

Chinese legal system has improved a lot to check the online business and risks involved in outsourcing of products in international trade. Therefore, it is vital to develop good relationships with the proper online business partners associated with China outsourcing. It is also important to have excellent international trade legal counsel to comply with the complexities of contract law, local Chinese law and relevant protective measures while doing online business by the virtue of China outsourcing.

International trade and online business- purchase order financing is complicated and complex in details, but the concept is simple. If we have a product that can be manufactured in China, and we have made the proper arrangements for production and shipping but lack sufficient capital to finance the transaction- with a large purchase order from a creditworthy customer, a commercial online business finance company will agree to have their bank issue a Letter of Credit to guarantee that the China outsourcing factory producing the product will be paid. When the goods are shipped and delivered to your customer, the online business finance company pays the China outsourcing factory. Between 70% and 100% of the product’s cost may be financed depending on the product’s gross margins and the risks involved in online business. As in international trade, purchase order financing may facilitate our exponential growth and profits for all concerned .The expertise of the online business finance company can be invaluable with regard to helping us succeed in this challenging international trade market. The success in international trade evaluates our limit potential when it is just as easy to set our expectations higher. For online business and China outsourcing that sell manufactured products to other businesses, online business- purchase order financing may be the way to reap the benefits of the China outsourcing and online business advantage.

The potential to lead in international trade is a issue in China outsourcing but the online business supply chain which is supposed to get raw materials to assembly finished goods to retail units on time is an issue. A new study says that online business companies that manage the increasing supply-chain troubles with creative solutions will get a profit in international trade. Many online business suppliers and related supply chains or producing major components and products locally in international trade market, accepting high unit manufacturing costs as a cover for lower supply- chain costs and dependable delivery schedules will help greatly.

If you are interested with us, please visit the website (

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Online Business Vs Retail Business

Things have definitely changed over the years. Previously, we do business using retail trade, but nowadays, more people prefer to do business online. The following scenarios will show you how the retail trade has evolved to the online trade.

Scenario of a Retail Business: A typical retailer usually invests a large sum of capital to start a retail business. In retail trade, they buy goods or services from the wholesaler and sells them at a retail price to the consumers to earn gross profit. The gross profit are then used to pay the running expenses like the shop rental, employees salary, utility bills etc. The net profit or loss are then shared among the partners or directly to the owners of the business. On top of this, a retailer has to run expensive marketing campaigns by placing promotional advertisements on television, newspapers, printing of flyers, billboards etc to earn more sales.

Scenario of an Online Business: Nowadays, a person invests a small amount of money to set up a website and sells its products or services in their website. In the internet world, they pay a small amount to join affiliate programs and earn commissions from selling their associates’ products. The income from joining the programs or commission from sales will go directly to the pocket of the online business person. They market their products with their website by running marketing campaigns using backlinks, blogging, articles writing, keywords, ezine solo advertisements, pay per click advertisements etc to drive traffics to their website.

The Difference between Retail Business and Online Business: Retail business still exists till today but the online business are starting to overtake the retail market. How they do business ten years ago have slightly changed throughout the years. Some of the retailers are starting to use the online marketing tools to sell their products by setting up a website. The evolution of the market today is changing. Nowadays, more and more retail business are moving into the online business due to the ease of entry and less risk involved. It is also cheaper to invest and to market their products online. On top of this, the losses incurred in online business are minimal whereas they can also maximise their profit earnings. Plus the time spent on setting up and running an online business is much lesser compared to the retail business. Thus more time for you and your family. It is also much cheaper to place an advertisement on online business than a retail business. However, a retail business are much more stable and more relationships are developed with their regular customers. Who knows what will happen tomorrow? Imagine us shopping groceries using the internet or placing orders of birthday cakes online…

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The Meaning of a Proven Online Business

Firstly, let me discuss the wider concept of an Online Business, and the fact that a growing number of people have now chosen to ply their trade on or from the Internet. The Internet is a wonderful medium that has allowed everyone with an Internet connection to participate and enjoy success within this new world. Anyone with a small ounce of intelligence and motivation can both start and excel in an online business. However, it must be noted that an Online Business does take many forms, but this is beyond the scope of this article. Let us now explore the phrase ‘Proven Online Business‘ by defining each word/component:

When we say the word ‘Proven‘ we are in effect referring to the past history of an event. For something to be Proven, it must have a track history and must have been demonstrated to a certain degree. Therefore, a PROVEN Online Business is one in which is both established and demonstrated (past tense) to be working – and by this we mean making money!

The word Online is pretty straightforward and refers to the good old World Wide Web, which has broken many barriers to traditional business. With an ONLINE business you can practically be anywhere in the world (with an Internet connection) and ‘run’ your business.

Finally, we know the meaning of Business but we can add the main reason for people to undertake Business and more specifically an Online Business. Well, the words easy to access, low start up costs, global reach, independence, financial freedom come through my mind and indeed many others when they think of starting an Online Business.

Putting it all together, I can now give my view as to the criteria for a Proven Online Business:

1. Low Cost Entry – pretty easy really, as not everyone wants to pay an arm and a leg to start.
2. Cutting Edge Products – with mass global appeal. This way you have the potential to make money as the underlying product is of high quality and NOT within a saturated market.
3. Reputable Company – A company that has Proven itself to be both professional and ethical.
4. High Commission Payouts – I don’t know about you but I like to be rewarded for my efforts and in Business this means getting a healthy portion of the cake!
5. Sophisticated Marketing System – I am no marketing guru and hence need help and support in this department.

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Norwex Reviews: Marketing Norwex Online: What are the Norwex Products and How to Market them and Build Your Norwex Business

Who is Norwex and what do they sell?  How can you perform online marketing in the right ways to find massive prospects? To address these very significant questions let us take a look at the background of this company.

Norwex Company Review:  What is Norwex?

Norwex is a company that markets environmentally friendly household products through the network marketing and home party business model.  The Company CEO is Debbie Bolton from Dauphin, Manitoba, Canada.

Norwex Product Reviews-  What are the Norwex Products?

The flagship product for Norwex is their microfibre cleaning cloth that only needs water in order to clean a variety of household surfaces using silver as their key antibacterial agent.  Norwex also provides other cleaning products and personal care products all with a focus on being eco-friendly and chemical free. AMAZING, isn’t it?  That a reputable company such as this with so much to offer in eco-friendly microfibre products has not yet found the ideal way in which to market such a highly valued product?

The network marketing and home party industry, while legitimate and viable for many people, can often prove to be difficult for many people to duplicate and create a thriving home-business.  Another interesting point would be that as important as these eco-friendly products are, most of them are not necessarily the type of consumable product that require a regular monthly order to replace what you need at home.

Current Norwex Marketing and Business-Building Techniques:

So what are some of the ways that this product is being promoted? Well in order to generate income you must have a large consumer base  as you will receive  income via retail, commission and bonuses according to the  amount of product and  number of customers in your organization.  Well in order to accomplish this you need to expose your products to  the masses.  Having parties by inviting guests and offering prizes and lots of good food enhances people’s interest.  Having a very good presenter also can increase sales and it is important to have these sales repeated to  maintain your personal volume whereby you get paid.

This of course can be quite challenging and often exhausting since you may run out of people to invite to your party as you need to have a significant different number of people who are willing to open their home for a party as opposed to Internet Jobs for Moms. Unfortunately many are unable to put in the money for food and often decline when asked to  participate. Not everyone orders as some have already been to the last party and have been told  that they need not order but come for  the enjoyment of  getting together with  friends. It is a  product which certainly needs to be ordered over and over again which is wonderful until the “next  best thing” or product is presented to them and  you lose your  customer.You soon realize that  you most definitely need a very large number of people  to make up for the attrition rate.

Marketing Norwex Online:

So how can you market your Norwex business more effectively online and attract more clients through utilizing the power of the internet?  If you want to be a Christian Mom making money from home there are two very effective ways you can successfully help people to find you and wanting what you have instead of you chasing them. This greatly relieves the pressure & stress of generating an income.  Let us examine them  both in detail.

The Top 2 Ways to Market Your Norwex Business Online:

#1 Website with GREAT landing Pages for a GREAT product:

Be sure that the web site you use is “User Friendly”. By that I mean make sure when a prospect lands on your page they know what to do. Make it appealing. Show them the “DAINTIES” so to speak so that they want to see what is waiting for them on the MAIN MENU, after they have opted in to your landing page and added themselves to your auto-responder email list.  You are giving them an appetite for what you have for them and making them curious and desirous to what’s next .

#2  Online Marketing for Norwex using the All-Important Keyword Research:

This is a method by which you are finding a solution to a question someone has googled. Basically you are writing information that gives the reader a sense of satisfaction in finding answers to some very important needs they may have.

For instance a person that may be interested in Norwex or Norwex products may look up:  “Norwex Reviews”, “Norwex Products” or “Norwex Cleaning Products” etc… So you can write a short article to address these topics with a link to your website at the bottom to allow your reader to visit your site for more information or to contact you.

Where to go to Learn Online Marketing for Norwex:

It is extremely important that you find an Internet Marketing Mentoring and Coaching Center that has “Key Words” available for these articles.  Many people who are attempting to advertise and market online are unaware that “KEY Word Research” is the foundation of all internet marketing to achieve real success.Keep in mind marketers often need to spend $2000.00 or more just to hire  a SEO Specialist to do their Key Word research for them.But joining with the right online marketing System you can  have  a virtually  unlimited supply for free.

Next, continue reading more of the top information on how to Market Your Norwex Business Online or any other company, product or service online.  Fill in the form on the first page, follow the instructions that will be sent to your email and then watch the videos on step 2 and 3 of the second page to learn all the top online marketing techniques that you can start using today to create even more success for your business!

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How To Find Online Business Ideas

Finding online business ideas can be quite a daunting task when one considers you need to come up with a business idea that is aimed at a paying market. Here we discuss ways to help you get your online venture off to a good start.

The most significant aspect behind the decision to leave the corporate world and start an online business at home is the strong faith and belief in oneself.

More and more business-minded people are discovering an efficient, hassle-free and safe way of marketing their products and services online by simply equipping themselves with a personal computer and a stable internet connection. So, how does one find online business ideas that will generate consumer traffic as more and more people become aware of ones online venture? Here’s how:

1. Online business ideas sprout from the kind of target market you have.

The first thing you need to do is to thoroughly study your market. If you know your audience, their needs and what they specifically look for in a product or service, you can always succeed even though you may not have a pioneering business.

2. To avoid getting stuck with the old be sure to innovate.

In an online business, it is a must that you always introduce something new to your market. You need to always anticipate their needs and innovate on how to do business better on changing market perceptions and be willing to embrace what is new and what is in. Succinct to say, online business ideas are ever changing. It is important that you move with the times and keep up to date with the latest products and services that sell well. It is important to break ties with a product or service that has become obsolete overtime even if you have an emotional attachment to it. Rather, always come up with something new, something better that could predominantly address the needs of your market. Be a step ahead of the market.

3. Online business ideas are not confined to selling your products or services alone.

Targeting strategic clients that could compound and multiple your online client base is what it is also about. Hitting many birds with one stone may be a clichéd belief, but it is old wisdom that still works even up to now.

4. Prep your product.

A beginner online entrepreneur should pay very close attention to this online business idea. Since you are doing business online, potential clients need to see the features of the product you are selling. It is essential you take good digital photos of specific products that you wish to offer. So that your clients can have a clear view of the products you are selling, displaying images taken from different angles is a good way of doing this. Next, you need to create a short description of the item. This is of prime importance as clients are concerned about the features of the products, the dimensions, models, and colors amongst others.

5. Give the best and the highest level of service to your clients and more

This perhaps is one of the best online business ideas that you can ever infuse in your online venture. This is an old business dictum that especially works in a competitive industry such as an online business. Hence, make your competitive advantage the level and kind of service you provide to your existing and would-be clients. You may not have the best business online, but always make it a point to give your best service that will set you apart from the rest.

The daunting task of finding online business ideas and assist with getting your online venture off to a good start will be minimized if you bear the above in mind.

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No Credit Check Business Bank Account: Opened Quite Swiftly

Is your poor credit score proves to be a hurdle in your way?  If yes, then you must go for a no credit check business bank account. There are numerous such financial organizations that help you to open this account regardless of your poor credits. This bank account not only assists you in managing your business finances but also provide you the second chance to regain your credit status in the market.

As its name suggest this bank account come with no credit check feature. It means this account is open for every individual suffering from poor credit issue like CCJ, IVA, arrears, defaults, late payments and even bankruptcy. This bank account act same like a normal account and allows you to enjoy all the activities which is done from any other business account.

The process of acquiring this account is very simple and trouble-free. To open this account one just need to fill up the online registration form that is available service provider’s website. The eligibility criteria set by the bank for no credit check business bank account is also quite simple.

*You must be a citizen of United Kingdom and you should be adult according to the norms of the country

*To get the account you have to submit two sort documents one is for your identity verification and another one is for address verification.

*Document that testifies your business is also needed for this bank account.

With this no credit check business bank account you can also apply and acquire for the loan amount for your business needs. And through repaying the borrowed amount on time you can gain your credibility in the monetary market.

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