Decision Making – The Importance Of A Clear Objective

Have you ever faced a decision and wondered “What’s the point”?

That is exactly what you should be asking yourself before every consequential decision you face. Why are you trying to make this decision? What is the desired outcome? It might seem obvious, but spend some time really thinking about it.

Answer the following four questions to help you clarify the objective:

– Why is this decision important?

– What are the rewards for making a good decision?

– What are the consequences of a bad decision?

– By when do you need to make this decision?

Brainstorm the best case scenario. Do not edit yourself at this stage. What you are after at this point is a comprehensive list of possible objectives.

Try to state the objective as broadly as possible. If you state it too narrowly, you may be robbing yourself of some interesting options.

For example, my wife and I moved this summer. At first we thought we had to decide which house to buy. As we talked about things more, we started to think about owning two homes, or a home and an RV. What started out as a relatively simple choice between homes became a much different decision about lifestyle. A clear definition of the objective, or the desired outcome of the decision, changed our alternatives. It changed the problem we were trying to solve by making a decision.

To use a different example, perhaps you think you have to decide which college to attend. Is that truly the objective of your decision? Perhaps a trade school might be more suitable, or enlisting in the military, which would mean your objective is not to attend college, but to obtain an education. You won’t really know until you give it some thought and be sure you know why you are making this particular decision.

Do multiple people have the responsibility to take part in the decision? Do multiple people have a stake in the outcome? If the objective is not clear or understood by all the decision’s perspectives, it is hard to imagine that they will come to a consensus on the most optimal solution. Everyone involved must thoroughly understand the objective, or desired outcome, of the decision.

Take your time with this important step. It is the foundation for everything else in the decision making process. If done right, the rest of the work will be built on a solid understanding, which is essential to getting to the right conclusion.

Source by Kevin Moriarity

Creating Customized Business Checks – The Information You Need

Business checks can be reflective of a company or organization, and because of this, a business should have customized checks displaying their name and a logo. Various printing services for business stationery and forms offer custom business checks, but when creating any type of check with a printing company, the important aspect is that the checks, regardless of what they look like, are compatible with all major banks. As the customized checks will need to be used with your bank account instead of bank-issued checks, the business checks should be designed with all of the standard information for your bank account.

The first thing when designing custom business checks is to have an account for your business. If a bank account isn’t set up already, the printer won’t be able to create checks with accurate information. If you already have a bank account, you should give the printer all general information for a check. This includes not only the name and address of your business but all account information. More specifically, this includes the bank name, address, routing number, account number, and fractional numbers. In addition, if you want your checks, either for payroll or other uses, to be numbered after a certain point, this, too, should be specified to the printer.

As soon as the basic information for creating a check has been established, the actual customization can start. Many printers of business stationery give you options for designing a set of company checks, and this ranges from solid and patterned backgrounds to your company logo displayed in the background. For the latter, printing services online will take a high-quality image of your company logo through their website or by email. As this image will be seen on your check by all employees and those involved in financial transactions with your company, the logo should be of the best quality.

When designing a set of business checks, these options are available for both computer and manual checks. This includes designing computer checks that are not only compatible with your bank but also with any payroll or accounting programs like Quicken or Quick Books.

Source by Irene Test

The Need for Hybrid Cars

Since the very conception of the automobile, engineers and designers have been searching for was to make them more efficient and save on fuel consumption. Petrol fuels the majority of vehicles and diesel fuel is used in heavier automotive equipment. The internal combustion engine is considered to be a major if not the biggest source of environmental pollution and the cost of fuel is increasing every day.

With a constant rise in fuel costs and the environmental concerns regarding automobiles, vehicle engineers have had to develop more economical and environmentally safer alternatives to the internal combustion engine that powers most cars. This has led to the birth of the hybrid automobile. These hybrid automobiles offer a number of benefits. The hybrid automobile is a car that is powered by both an electric motor and a gasoline engine. Compared to non hybrid vehicles, the hybrid car saves on the cost of fuel by being more fuel efficient and has a lower rate of fuel consumption.

Hybrid cars operate on a dual mode where the electric motor, powered by batteries, takes over once the gasoline engine has gotten the vehicle up to speed. Braking and deceleration generates energy that is used to charge the electric motor’s batteries. This system allows the hybrid car to provide better fuel efficiency. This also means that the engine of a hybrid vehicle is shut the moment the car is stopped. Considered the biggest advantage to the hybrid car is the reduction of environmental pollution due to fewer emissions of carbon dioxide and other harmful gases in to our atmosphere. Automobile manufactures such as Honda, Toyota, and Ford have already introduced hybrid car models to the commercial market and several others are in development.

Currently there are two types of hybrid vehicles on the market. The first is the “Series” hybrid. A battery powered electric motor powers the Series hybrid car. It also has a gasoline powered engine but it does not singularly power the vehicle. The gasoline engine powers a generator which is used in turn to charge the batteries of the electric motor. The electric motor is left on during the vehicles entire operation however the gasoline engine can be switched on or off depending on the needs of the vehicle. This type of hybrid automobile provides better mileage in city traffic.

The second type of hybrid vehicle on the market is called the “Parallel” hybrid. The Parallel hybrid car, like the Series type, has a gasoline engine and an electric motor. The electric motor and the electric motor can both be used to turn the transmission and power the vehicle. The major difference between the two types of hybrid cars is that the Parallel hybrid uses its electric motor to boost the vehicles power when required to increase the car’s speed. The Parallel hybrid car is considered better suited for the open highway.

Hybrid automobiles provide several benefits due to some very unique features. The construction of the hybrid vehicle uses more lightweight materials than traditional automobile. This saves energy by using less to propel the hybrid car. Hybrid cars also increase energy efficiency because of their more aerodynamic shapes. Tires used by hybrid vehicles run on a higher pressure and are made of a more rigid material than general car tires. The higher pressure helps to increase the vehicles gas mileage per gallon of gasoline used. The overall efficiency of the vehicle is increased by these tires because they reduce friction on road surfaces and provided a grip. The braking system provided an energy transfer from the electric motor to the vehicles batteries when ever the brakes are applied. The overall gas mileage of a hybrid varies from model to model. The EPA test numbers report that the Lexus RX400h receives 31 MPG in the city and 27 MPG the highway while the Honda Insight receives 61 MPG in the city and 68 MPG on the highway.

In conclusion, the future of automobiles is currently the hybrid car and purchasing a hybrid vehicle will not only save you money but will also allow you to take responsibility and do you part in creating a safer, cleaner and greener environment.

Source by Christine Bettridge

ABA Approval – Is It Really Worth Paying Higher Tuition Prices for Paralegal Training?

Paralegal students are faced with many decisions. Which program should I choose? Is it ABA Approved? How important is that anyway? Will I be “certified”? Will I get a job? So many questions can make the process very confusing. Understanding keys terms clearly and how they affect you will make choices clearer.

ABA Approval is strictly voluntary. Research has found that law firms do not always consider graduation from an ABA approved paralegal program school the most important factor in hiring a paralegal. ABA approved programs are generally 2-year programs.

  • The ABA cannot formally accredit any paralegal program, but will approve a program that meets specific standards for a designated fee.
  • ABA approved paralegal schools generally have much higher tuition fees than non-ABA approved paralegal schools.
  • No ABA approved paralegal school has a completely online or correspondence option.
  • Many non-ABA approved programs are approved by various Paralegal associations such as the NFPA and/or the NALA
  • There are more than 1,000 colleges and universities, law schools, and proprietary schools that offer formal paralegal training programs. However, only approximately 260 paralegal programs are approved by the American Bar Association.
  • Nationwide, there are a large number of paralegal programs that meet the ABA standards but do not pursue approval based on the costs associated with the process. These approval costs are often passed on to students through higher tuition costs and cutbacks in student resources at ABA approved paralegal schools.

Certificate vs. Certified

A “certificate” designates that a student has successfully completed a program. “Certified” means that a student has taken a qualifying exam to prove they have acquired the skills necessary to do a specific job. The most common exam to “certify” a paralegal or legal assistant in the United States is given by the National Association of Legal Assistants, ( NALA). The only state in the US that has specific educational requirements for paralegals is California. ( See California Business & Professions Code 6450 ) The NALA exam is strictly voluntary. Students should check to make sure the program they choose will consist of enough hours to sit for the exam if they want to have the option available to them.

Based on a survey conducted every two years by NALA, paralegals graduating from certificate programs are compensated at a higher rate than those graduating from degree programs. Attorneys know that certificate program students are trained in one thing: Specific legal assistant skills.

For-Credit, Non-Credit vs. Accredited and Financial Aid For-credit means that coursework earns “credit hours” to be applied towards the fulfillment of a degree. Non-Credit courses are offered through college and universities continuing education or professional studies departments specifically for students who already have a degree, or have no intention of seeking one at this time.

Accredited refers to the school itself. It means that the institution has been officially recognized as meeting the essential requirements, as of academic excellence.

The legislature is currently cracking down on for-profit colleges that use predatory enrollment practices. You know the kind, you call once for information, they call you back 60 times to convince you that – “their program is the best program for you, and, by the way don’t worry about the cost – that’s what financial aid is for”. What if you could get top-notch training without ending up in debt?

The Center for Legal Studies has been partnering with accredited colleges and universities for more than 30 years to bring students the highest quality and most affordable paralegal training in the country. Students can gain all the education and training they need to go out and get a job in a little as 6 weeks for only $1189.

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What Exactly is an MBA Degree?

An MBA (Master of Business Administration) is a graduate degree obtained at a university or college that offers both theoretical and practical training to provide graduates general knowledge about general business management functions. The MBS degree may have a specific focus as: accounting, marketing or finance.

An MBA degree represents a level upward from an undergraduate business course and its achievement places the graduate far above other candidates owning just an undergraduate degree.MBA programs has become to be offered by most universities and colleges during the past two of years. For instance, only in the UK, 116 business schools are currently offering MBA courses and the number of students graduating this form of education has risen from 4,000 in 1990 to over 10,000 in 2000.

In order to be accepted in an MBA program, an applicant must take the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) – for the US education system. The GMAT is a standardized test that aims at determining the aptitude of a candidate for an activity in business management studies. It is presently made up of an essay section containing two free-response essays of 10 minutes each; two multiple choice sections, one mathematical section and one verbal skills section.

Apart from the GMAT test, other admission criteria focus on significant work experience, academic transcripts, references and personal interviews. Extra-curricular and community service activities represent an interest for the admission boards.

The MBA degree courses offer students knowledge on economics, organizational behavior, marketing, international business, finance, government policy, accounting and information technology management.

The traditional MBA degree offers students a broad range of general courses in the first year of studies, followed by a specialization in the second year.

Specialization in particular areas as: technology management, accounting, strategy or specialized business, marketing and finance is being offered by many MBA degrees.

There are several ways of attending MBA courses.Nowadays MBA degrees can be accessed through online, distance learning or e-learning as the program offered by the Open University Business School. Due to the large variety of MBA degrees offered worldwide, the elite business schools are being accredited by independent bodies as the Association of MBAs. This association acts as a global network for the MBA community: MBA students, MBA graduates, schools, businesses and employers.

Consequently, the MBA degree represents a leading management qualification that creates highly competent professional managers.

Source by Ispas Marin

5 Reasons Why People Prefer Serviced Apartments Instead of Hotels

Temporary residences like serviced apartments and furnished suites are specifically designed to cater to short term and even long term accommodations complete with amenities and features that you need when you travel away from home. This kind of accommodation is very popular among business owners and companies. The good news is that leisure travellers and vacationers are starting to know and appreciate this kind of living arrangement. There are reasons why more and more people are renting furnished apartments and other types of alternative hotels and accommodation, these are:

  1. It is definitely cheaper compared with regular hotels. If you are going to average it based on the number of occupants and days, you get better bargain. In addition, the price of rent is fixed and you do not need to bother about service charges and other taxes. Vacationers find the home atmosphere convenient and the kitchen feature is a blessing as they will not worry about spending more money for tips and other service charges once they use the kitchen to cook their own food.
  2. Travelling in groups is never more fun. The downside of using hotel rooms is the fact that there are limited number of occupants allowed per room. With serviced apartments, your group can stay in one place; thus, there is no need to knock on many doors just to meet and talk with them. Serviced apartments or furnished suites also have living rooms where you can stay and spend time away with your group.
  3. It offers an ambiance as if you never left home and went on vacation. Hotels are too impersonal and very often makes guest go outside to look for enjoyment in order to avoid the cold atmosphere hotel rooms in general have; thus, it is an additional expense for leisure travellers and vacationers. The absence of a reception or lobby area is not a detriment as most apartments of this kind offer amenities and features regular hotels provide like meeting rooms, housekeeping, laundry, restaurants, and even parking spaces. So, one can have a residence and an office at the same time when you rent furnished apartments and other types of alternative residences in places that you travel.
  4. It is a home away from home since it has amenities that hotel rooms do not have like kitchen and dining area, furniture like a sofa bed, an office desk, and features which usual hotels offer like strong Wi-Fi connection, working area, and direct telephone lines.
  5. You can choose your desired location; you can choose one near your office or you can book one that is near famous landmarks and interesting places if you are a vacationer. You can have a single bedroom apartment for rent or a three bedroom apartment if you travel by groups.

Based on these reasons, it is not surprising that in days to come, serviced apartments will be the preferred choice when it comes to accommodations.

Source by Maria Marilyn Madrid

Let Me Remind You Students That You Are Victims Of Rich White Men

White Men are the oppressors we are told by Social Justice Warriors – but as a white male, I am not out to oppress anyone. Now if you want to play victim and use that as an excuse – go for it – doesn’t bother me much – but if you want to accuse me of something that is false, I am going to call you out on it. Hence, this here article – oh, and keep reading because, I’ve been listening to the Social Justice Warrior BS for long enough – and to me it’s all nonsense and just an excuse for not succeeding.

Who said life was supposed to be easy, it wasn’t for me, not in sports, business, politics or in my non-profit endeavors, heck back when I was in school, that wasn’t easy either, and no one was giving away trophies, certificates or free Pop Tarts and Kool-Aide for mere participation. I suppose now they want free $5.95 Frappachinos with Carmel Drizzle on top.

We have a serious problem brewing in our society and it is getting out of control, we now have college and university professors lecturing on equality, sustainability, social justice, racism and yes, White Privilege. These same professors say that President Donald Trump is a rich white man and an example of the problems in America, I guess this time around they were interested in having a white woman president, since the last Black Male President fell short, even as his supporters and academic socialist apologetics attempted to secure his legacy.

If the professors in our colleges and universities are 90-95% democrat and continue to espouse leftist and socialist political viewpoints, then they are politically bias and working for the Democrat Party. Thus, they are akin to a Super PAC and therefore, shouldn’t receive any public funding, nor should the taxpayer’s bailout the delinquent student loans – 47% currently are over 90-days in default, they are delinquent and in the finance sector should be sent to collection and students should be brought to court. These loans should not be bailed out by you and I, the citizens and taxpayers.

Why should we be paying for these professors? The Democrat Party spent nearly $2 Billion between the DNC, Clinton Campaign, George Soros, and their Super PACs – so why not pay all the professors to continue brain-washing college students to vote for Democrats – why are we the taxpayer’s subsidizing their cushy jobs, incredible benefits and pensions, and now we are expected to bailout the student college tuition loan crisis? I just don’t see why we should?

Source by Lance Winslow

How the ‘Seasoning" Rule Can Stop Your Home Purchase

“But I have the down payment. The money is right there in my bank account. Isn’t that good enough?” I could hear the shock in the home buyer’s voice as he handed me his bank account printout. He’d been saving money for a house for six months, diligently putting cash away in his safe at home every week until yesterday when he took $5,000 of his hard-earned savings to his bank and deposited it into his account. Today he proudly brought his bank printout in to show me that he now had the money saved up, only to be met with a less-than-pleased reaction from me, his mortgage lender.

And what could I say to him? Yes, you saved the money and yes, you have it in the bank, but no no no no no – I’m so sorry, but that’s not good enough. Unfortunately, my buyer was about to learn a hard lesson about the importance of “Seasoning”.

Isn’t All Money The Same?

No, it’s not. When you’re buying a home, your lender needs to not only know that you have the money to buy it, they also need to know where that money came from. With FHA loans the money can be a gift from a donor that is acceptable to FHA, but with conventional loans, the down payment needs to come from your own funds, at least for the first 5% down.

For money to count as ‘your own funds’, they need to be your accumulated savings from your earnings or proceeds from a secured loan, like a 401k loan, a car loan, or something similar. Money that is not from an acceptable source will be a problem, and your lender will have to treat that money like it doesn’t exist and will not let you use it to purchase your home.

How Will A Bank Know If It’s A Buyer’s ‘own funds’?

That’s where seasoning comes in. Seasoning refers to how long the money has been in your bank account. If you’ve had money in your bank account for at least two months, the bank views it as having been there long enough to be yours. After two months in your account, the money is considered ‘seasoned’ and eligible for use in your home purchase.

If your money hasn’t been in your account for two full months but the bank can see that it has accumulated in your account through your payroll, that is acceptable too. The problem comes up when the money just appears in your account in the last 60 days and it didn’t come from a source that is acceptable for mortgage approval.

So What Does A Buyer Do When This Happens?

The best way to deal with this type of problem is to never have it happen in the first place. Had my buyer been saving his money in the bank all along instead of as cash at home, things would have been fine. It was the recent deposit of it that created the problem. Buyers and their lenders need to talk to each other early on about the source of the down payment so that the lender can make sure the buyer is saving properly.

If the buyer has been saving at home all along before meeting with the lender and now it’s too late to go back and change that, though, there are typically two ways to work around this. The first route is to try to document the money. If the buyer can show that he gets paid $600 each week and has taken back $200 of it in cash week-in and week-out for the last 6 months, the loan underwriter might be willing to view this as a savings pattern that matches the cash on hand. Sometimes some of the cash comes from other sources, like garage sales or the sale of personal property. Documenting as much of that as one can (ie copy of Craigslist post for sold items, bill of sale from buyer, etc.) combined with a letter explaining it can help sometimes.

A second route is to live off of the cash for the time being and let all payroll earnings go into the bank to accumulate that money in an acceptable manner. This may delay the home purchase by a month or so, depending on how quickly the payroll income can accumulate, but it can be a solution in many situations.

The best way to fix a problem like this, though, is to just avoid it. Meeting with your lender a couple of months before you intend to buy a house is an excellent step to help you avoid making unintended mistakes that could impact your ability to get a mortgage when you’re ready to buy your home.

Source by Lori A Hiscock

Everything You Need to Know About Dog Tag Chains

The dog tag chain that is used today is the same one that the Civil War soldiers used to bring along with them. Together with the ball chain is a tag which displayed the individual credentials of a soldier.

Ball Chain Essence

A single chain used to be one particular item that the Civil War soldiers wore along with the authentic dog tags which added the individual verification of a soldier. In this specific way, the tag seen around the neck of a casualty can serve as a credentials tag. Consequently, a ball chain (as they are also known) has at all times been associated with the heroic Civil War servants.

In our day, personalized dog tags are used as a necklace for guys. Wearing a chain, together with any kind of pendant or tag, tend to make far more manly appearance for men because it is a symbol of bravery and confidence. Usually, a necklace is worn by women. A ball chain is the masculine counterpart to a necklace.

This chain, the same as almost every other necklace, seems to be necessary for an accessory to look impressively fantastic. If perhaps the chain does not look good, consequently the pendant or tag won’t be appear nice. Having a great quality chain does intensify the look of your pendant or tag thus, make certain to select the right chain to match up the type that you want.

Features For A Ball Chain

The popular style used nowadays as an accessory is a dog tag chain. A tag set usually has two chains. A longer chain – 27 inches – has one tag while a shorter one – 4.5 inches – holds the other. A second version of the 4.5 inch chain is the 5.5 inch, which is popular by customers. If you want to have another chain on top of what is provided in the package, you can get as many as you want.

Often, generally there are two key materials used to make a ball chain – stainless steel and nickel. The black ball chain is also available, however in limited stocks only. In most conditions, a black chain is definitely not purchased independently, rather is offered for free of charge with a pair of black tags. Obtaining these styles will broaden your alternatives in customizing your tag.

Stainless steel or a nickel ball chain are good materials to use since they are tough and do not react when worn on the neck. If a chain is not made of genuine stainless steel or nickel, you body’s heat and perspiration can have a chemical reaction on it which might lead to rashes and allergies. The same goes with the black chain, but in this situation, the black epoxy shade may be the main reason. So, in purchasing a ball chain, be certain to get it from a reputable store.

In purchasing a ball chain, you might normally get it in a set. The set features your customized single tag or two tags, two free silencers along with the color of your choice and a ball chain. If you want quality, cost-effective dog tags with free shipping, then go ahead and browse for online dog tag stores that give such a package.

These online stores give you instant access to the available dog tag packages available. Also, be sure to buy dog tags from a reliable online store that lives up to the terms mentioned on its site.

Source by Melissa Betts

What is Private Franchising? It is Nothing Someone Made It Up

The Federal Trade Commission has an obligation to the general public, their stated consumer education mission and to the over regulated franchising industry and the small business operators running Biz Ops to separate the two business models by way of legal definition. Any failure to completely separate them will trigger additional problems down the road and cause the current on-going process of rule review to continue, without any formalization for decades.

This of course is good for attorneys who make money on these ambiguities for lawsuits and great for Federal Trade Commission tenure and job security. A few also realize it could allow for additional travel budgets of governmental employees during these rule making processes on the taxpayers money. It would also trigger more time-out, “let’s think about this one”-coffee breaks on various floors of the Federal Trade Commission’s fully furnished 1970 desk style ambiance. However it is not good for consumers or industry and creates unleveled playing field on one hand and complex barriers to entry for start-up entrepreneurs with regional dominance and efficiencies, which lend them selves well to the franchise business model on the other. This is because Biz Op MLM salespeople are purporting that they as similar to franchised business, by using terms like ‘Private Franchising’ in their presentation.

These MLM business sell in coffee shops and public presentations, which would send chills down the spine of any compliant franchising executive or real franchisor. So then, what is a real franchisor? What is private franchising? What is a Business Opportunity? What is an MLM business? What is a hybrid or cross-breed of any of these combinations? How on Earth in laymen terms can the Federal Trade Commission explain this to us, so that we might explain the differences to consumers when asked. Where on the Federal Trade Commission website is there a place which describes all of them and the possible variations? Due to the introduction of the term “Private Franchising” in the interim between 1999 comments and 2004 evaluations of possible definition revisions by Federal Trade Commission it appears that the definition landscape in the real world is hyperspacing the definitional upgrades to the franchise rule in the wonderful world of bureaucracy. We should not kid ourselves into thinking that the latest FTC report or any subsequent changes now, will change anything in the actual market place as to the number of; non-existent fraud events in franchising. The number of fraud cases in franchising is basically nil as per Federal Trade Commission’s own statements to congress. Yet the MLM crowd is manipulated truth by miss using the word franchising and that misrepresentation is damaging consumers. Think about it.

Source by Lance Winslow